We’ve served clients in Central Virginia for more than 90 years.


Our firm has its roots in the early 1920s, when our founder R. G. Hantzmon began working for an accounting firm in Washington, DC. In 1928, Hantzmon was assigned to the firm’s Charlottesville office, which eventually became known as T. Coleman Andrews & Co.

In 1936, Hantzmon took over the office as a sole proprietor, and the firm was then known as R. G. Hantzmon, Certified Public Accountant. Reuel A. Wiebel, Jr. was hired in 1941 as a staff accountant, and in 1951, a partnership was formed with Hantzmon, Wiebel and Clifford L. Beakes. In 1956, Beakes withdrew from the partnership and a new partnership was formed with Hantzmon, his son R. Van E. Hantzmon, and Wiebel. The name was then changed to Hantzmon, Wiebel & Company.

In December of 1962, the firm moved from the Valley View Building on what is now the Downtown Mall to its present location at 818 East Jefferson Street. R. G. Hantzmon retired in 1965 and Wiebel retired in 1982. Our current group of partners joined the firm beginning in the late 1960s, and the firm changed its name to Hantzmon Wiebel LLP in 2004.

From our founding partners to our present-day leadership team, our firm has always adapted and changed to meet the needs of the marketplace and address our clients’ challenges. We have enjoyed steady growth over the years, and Hantzmon Wiebel is now recognized as the largest CPA firm in Central Virginia.