When it comes to taxation, our goal is to help you keep more of what you’ve worked so hard to earn. This means using our extensive knowledge of the tax code, tax strategies, and tax planning to your advantage.

Our practice encompasses two related areas: planning and compliance. In terms of tax planning, our sound advice can lead to significant savings and increased business value. Decisions you make for your business often impact your family tax situation and vice versa. It’s often little decisions that can make a big difference, so be sure you talk to us as you contemplate your next move.

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To ensure compliance, we spend a tremendous amount of time and effort keeping up with ever-changing tax laws, so we are familiar and up to date with all of the elections and reporting requirements you face. And while some of our team may specialize in certain industries or areas of taxation, when you hire Hantzmon Wiebel, you hire the whole firm. Our collaborative approach ensures that each client benefits from the collective wisdom of all of our tax experts, and all of our compliance work goes through an extensive in-house quality review.

Of course, we are attuned to the need for utmost confidentiality in all of our clients’ financial matters. We take extra precautions to ensure that your private information stays that way.

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Our tax planning and compliance services include:


Transactional Advice

Find a tax-efficient way to accomplish your business goals.

Succession Planning and Exit Strategy

Let’s talk about what’s next for your company — and your future.

Estate and Trust Tax Planning and Administration

Early planning in this area can ensure that you leave your legacy in the most tax-efficient manner.

Retirement, Compensation and Incentive Plan Tax Consulting

All of these plans can be arranged in a tax-advantaged way. Talk with our team to discern the best alternatives.

Business Lifecycle Planning

The decisions you make as you launch your business have long-term implications. Let us help you navigate your choices.

Tax Credit Consulting

We can help you identify and claim tax credits applicable to your business or personal tax situation.

Merger and Acquisition Tax Planning 

Turn to our tax team for assistance in structuring transactions to maximize your tax advantages.

State and Local Tax (SALT) Issues

You may not be aware of your SALT obligations, but managing them can provide opportunities for tax savings.

International Tax Issues

Doing business overseas or considering going global? Consult with us to ensure your international business is conducted in a tax efficient manner.

Wealth Transfer Tax Strategy

There are many ways to pass wealth on to the next generation. We can help you determine which strategy works best for your family.

Representation in Tax Examinations 

We’re happy to serve as your advocate and handle any IRS or other tax inquiries on your behalf.

For more information about our taxation services, please contact:


Christopher C. Brubaker, CPA/ABV
Richard M. Busofsky, CPA
Helene H. Downs, CPA
James F. Hutcherson, CPA
Glenn M. Lankford, CPA
Kendra L. Stribling, CPA
Jeffrey D. Ulmer, CPA


Gerri L. Carr, CPA
Carrie Dugan Brubaker, CPA

Celia J. Lankford, CPA
Florena Fay Paurillo, CPA


L. Peyton Humphrey, CPA
Lawrence J. Martin, CPA